Astra Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 by group of executive who had over 10 years experience in defense related business activities. We continue to specialize in the marketing and sale of military products and services. Our success is attributed to the development of sound sales strategies and transparency in our interaction with customers and clients alike. Customer satisfaction and reliability have been the keys to our success in Thailand. Astra Technology is focusing on supplying defense products from the USA, Europe and Israel to the Royal Thai Armed Forces.


A Leader in Supplying modern, high quality defense products to the Royal Thai Armed Forces. Dedicated to ethical business practices, transparency and social responsibility.


Customer/supplier Relation

Dedicated to establishing good relationship with all commercial parties base on loyalty, honesty and fairness.

Organization Administration

Resolved to maintain an efficient organizational structure that contributes to competitive advantage.

Business Process

Focused on creativity and a positive representation to maintain profitability.

Social Activity

Engaged in useful activities with socially responsible organizations, both locally and internationally.

Human Resource Administration

Committed to maintaining a dedicated workforce that practices ethical behavior on behalf of clients and customers